Music Ministry

Music is an important part of our worship, designed to help people  participate in praise and thanksgiving, as a form of prayer that  enhances the celebration of the Mass. Currently we have three groups  leading the music at many Sunday Masses, but there is a need for more  singers and musicians.

Singers can join in on simple melodies,  and do not have to read music or sing harmony. Musicians can work with  current groups to become familiar with the parish repertoire and the  sung parts of the Mass. For those considering the possibility of forming  a new group, or leading music on their own, training is available.

Participants  can help with the planning of music if they wish. Hymns are chosen that  complement the weekly scripture readings and are suitable to the  current season, normally selected from the Catholic Book of Worship or  the Glory and Praise hymnal. Most of the music is familiar to the  parishioners, but new material is introduced from time to time. It needs  to be within the abilities of the singers and musicians, and sensitive  to the needs of the congregation.

Currently, groups arrange to provide music when they are available, using a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

For  more information, speak to any of the music leaders at church or  contact Jean Gravelle, 519-833-9552,