The work of our parishes must continue

Many  people have asked how they can continue to support St. John Brébeuf and St. Peter during these unprecedented times.  We do not  have the  ability to accept credit cards, but the Hamilton Diocese is well aware  of the need and has a method to facilitate giving. 

Fr.  Don wants to make it very clear that only those that are able to make  donations to help maintain our commitments may give using this form.  There is no obligation to give; give only within your means. We will get  through this. May God bless you and your family at this difficult time.

Please use the button below to  use the secure Hamilton Diocese giving form. Offertory contributions  will provide for immediate parish needs  during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you choose St. John Brébeuf, Erin in the list. The list is sorted alphabetically by city.  St. Peter parishioners should add a message in the place provided at the bottom of the form to direct the  funds to St. Peter. As St Peter is a mission of St. John Brébeuf it does  not appear in the list of parishes on the form. The funds will go into St. Peter's account. 

There are options for a ONE TIME gift, or you may set up a schedule to give MONTHLY with or without an end date.