Alter Servers

The altar servers at St. John Brebeuf Parish include students from  grades 4 – 9.  These students’ primary role is to assist Father Don in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass.

The  responsibilities of the servers include carrying the cross, the  processional candle(s), holding the book for the priest and presenting  the bread, wine, and water during the preparation of the gifts.

 Altar  servers also assist Father during special occasions (weddings,  funerals, baptisms), as well as during liturgical celebrations  throughout the year (Easter, Christmas).

Attention  all St. John Brebeuf Students, especially the students who will be in  grade 5 next September. St. John Brebeuf Parish is looking for some  dedicated young people to train as altar servers for the upcoming school  year starting in September. Having attended St. John Brebeuf school has  started the process of preparing you for this experience that will  strengthen your faith, but in addition there will be scheduled training  sessions to help you learn what is expected from you. Being an altar  server will help you to meet your Ontario catholic school graduate  expectations. Think about helping your parish in this worthwhile  ministry over the summer. There will be sign up forms sent home in the  fall.